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Dec. 26th, 2008

The Fast and the Fucked

POW · t h r e e

HOLY CRAP NOW THAT'S A FISH! Seems like these delightful lil' blobs got distributed to the lot of us! What a lump, I just love it. If I wasn't so darned hungry I'd probably let the little bugger live in his bucket, but I don't think that'd be a nice way to spend the rest of your life anyway. I'm sure that with these canned beans and some engine grease I can make a pretty nice Christmas meal from the bugger! Just need to get someone else to start a contained cooking fire or something, I'm too frickin' cold to move. Think it's getting to my joints or something..

Should be used to things just popping up, but I can't say I expected more gifts. Not my favourite kind of treats, I'm more of a liquorice kind of guy.. But I'm not gonna say nay to free stuff, nossir! The extra whities sure are a nice touch, scientist blokes, thanks a lot! Not sure what to do with the freeze-dried daikon, but I guess if Xalface ever shows up he's in for a treat..

A toast! To the holidays!

Dec. 24th, 2008

The Fast and the Fucked

POW · t w o

Well.. shit. It's actually starting to feel pretty damn Christmasy. I mean, stuff. I haven't got this much stuff for the Holidays since I was a frickin' kid, and that was a while ago. Sort of not really sure how to deal, but you won't find me ungrateful, I assure you. Shit, I mean, even the green of plastic is better than no frickin' green at all. Apropos which: anyone else seen what they're doing down at Horizon? I mean, seriously, where the shit did that come from? It's huge, and I mean Marluxia huge, since we're talking plants here, man. I've gotta hand it to Ace and her freaky little buddies: they outdid themselves on this one.

..so yeah, the crackers. Funny, all that stuff. I mean, couple of the blokes are even here, in Discedo, and yet I haven't seen Norty nor Mountain man around at all. I'd rather've picked up some cut-outs from Victoria's Secret catalogue or something, but yeah. I guess it's another thing you can just stick on the wall to remind yourself.

Seriously though, I like this tree, it's shiny and shit.

Dec. 17th, 2008

That's a thousand times less awesome

POW! · o n e   

Hey you guys.. Listen, we're getting closer to what some of us like to remember as "the holidays", and I was thinking it's about time to clean this hell of a dump up. I mean, come on. We're swimming in trash, and everyone's pretending like it's raining as they wade through the shit of a lot of people. I know Discedo doesn't have the power to conjure up some garbage trucks for us, but so help me I'm going to build myself a damn wheelbarrow if it helps get this shit off the streets. I've been reconning the outskirts and I think I've got a good location.

Now, I'm gonna need help some help. I'm gonna need people, and these people are gonna need shovels, hammers and nails. I don't care if you're not strong enough to lift a frickin' cat, kid, cause Uncle Xigbar needs you. In teams. One team with shovels and the patience to dig a big damn pit on the outskirts of Discedo - and yeah, it's out of the wind, trust me on this - and one team willing to be picking litter; you guys need bags, boxes, carts, whatever you can find, and maybe we can clean this stuff up before the snow coats it too badly. Think of it as your good deed to society this year. And if you've already done your good deed, consider it free karma, yeah?

Now come on, because if I do this on my own it'll take a couple of years, and you know it. You filthy, filthy people.

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The Fast and the Fucked

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