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The Fast and the Fucked

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HOLY CRAP NOW THAT'S A FISH! Seems like these delightful lil' blobs got distributed to the lot of us! What a lump, I just love it. If I wasn't so darned hungry I'd probably let the little bugger live in his bucket, but I don't think that'd be a nice way to spend the rest of your life anyway. I'm sure that with these canned beans and some engine grease I can make a pretty nice Christmas meal from the bugger! Just need to get someone else to start a contained cooking fire or something, I'm too frickin' cold to move. Think it's getting to my joints or something..

Should be used to things just popping up, but I can't say I expected more gifts. Not my favourite kind of treats, I'm more of a liquorice kind of guy.. But I'm not gonna say nay to free stuff, nossir! The extra whities sure are a nice touch, scientist blokes, thanks a lot! Not sure what to do with the freeze-dried daikon, but I guess if Xalface ever shows up he's in for a treat..

A toast! To the holidays!


Is everyone eating their fish?
Well, they're not too pretty to look at, even if they are slightly charming in their fuglyness, and fresh meat is in rare stock here, you know.. Most people know better than to pass up fish. Hopefully it's not poisonous or nothing, but the floppy little bugger looks pretty harmless.. lil' fatso.

Almost having second thoughts!
... I still think they're cute.

Fatso... that's not a bad name.
Sort of, sort of, gotta hand it to you. But you can't be thinking of keeping it, could you? What'd you feed it? Where'd you keep it? Not in the bucket.
Well, of course I'm going to keep it! What else would I do with it?
Eat it, like the rest of those of us who like our nutrients?
I can't do that. I'm already attached to him!
What a shame. Sounds like someone's gonna go hungry!
I'll get other stuff to eat.

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The Fast and the Fucked

December 2008

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